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What Are Saudi Seasons?

Seasons highlight the Kingdoms different regions through festivals and events.

hat are the different seasons in Saudi Arabia? Unlike the changing of the seasons, the Saudi Seasons are festivals that deliver a variety of activities such as sporting events, cultural events, art events and more in a region over a specified period of time. These festivals feature everything from massive music festivals to poetry readings and circus shows.

Saudi's "seasons" were launched in 2019 by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage. There are 11 seasons in total, including Riyadh Season, Jeddah Season, Sharqiah Season, Taif Season, Al Soudah Season, National Day Season, Diriyah Season, AlUla Season, Ha'il Season, Ramadan Season and Eid Al-Fitr season.

The most biggest of all the seasons is Riyadh Season. It lasts for approximately three months, starting in October. This season is so big, it has broken Guinness World Records for "the most remote-operated multirotors/drones launching fireworks simultaneously."

Diriyah Season features events in the UNESCO World Heritage Site that are mostly of a sporting variety. Examples include car racing, boxing championships and equestrian competitions.

AlUla is one of the most breathtaking places in Saudi Arabia and has its own season that features everything from hot-air balloon rides, foodie pop-ups and shopping.

In the summertime, travelers can head to Jeddah's fittingly seaside location. The season corresponds to early summer, beginning in May and ending in June. There are more than 2,500 events that take place during Jeddah season that include water activities such as diving and boating as well as cultural events such as plays concerts and exhibitions.

Other seasons travelers can keep in mind include Sharqiah Season which begins in March and typically lasts for two weeks and Taif Season, which is approximately one month long and starts in August. This event largely focuses on the heritage of Saudi Arabia.



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