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The vision 2030

The countries of the world are competing in the field of construction and reconstruction and are trying and trying hard to achieve progress and prosperity in all fields and comprehensive and sustainable development, and to give its readers a measure of safety and reassurance while providing the best levels of comfort, luxury and a decent life. The carton, Saudi Arabia is one of these countries, it seeks with all access To achieve the best results in various fields The Vision 2030 project expresses the future vision or goals and plans set by the government in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to turn them into achievements by the year 2030 AD. The Vision 2030 project was announced on April 25, 2016 AD by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The announcement came after After the completion of the delivery of 80 giant government projects, the cost of each project between 3.7 and 20 billion riyals, which is one of the national transformation programs in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the most important priorities of this project is to provide a development and investment alternative for the Kingdom other than oil so that it will not be Oil is the main resource for the Kingdom, And Vision 2030 includes many large and innovative projects that are jointly implemented by the public and private sectors and non-profit organizations, and these are projects that will have a major role in developing the Kingdom’s economy and securing job opportunities, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has taken many measures to facilitate investment procedures in The Kingdom has opened the door to residency and intends to increase the number of pilgrims from eight million to thirty million pilgrims each year. Vision 2030 comes after the Vision 2020 project, in which the Kingdom has achieved a large number of huge projects. It has also trained and qualified more than 500 thousand government employees to apply the principles of Human resource management in government agencies

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