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The new Murabba project

The new Murabba project redefines the skyline of the city of Riyadh, through a modern and advanced urban area, which will serve as a gateway to another world of dazzling. The new Murabba neighborhood, launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Prime Minister in 2023, extends over an area of ​​19 Murabba kilometers, as the project offers a unique experience in the quality of living, work, and entertainment. The New Murabba Development Company will develop more than 25 million Murabba meters of land area to include residential units, hotels, commercial and office space, as well as entertainment centers and community facilities. The new Murabba project achieves a qualitative leap in terms of comfort and flexibility, with an internal transportation system and a distinctive location just 20 minutes by car from the airport. The Cube Tower is located in the heart of the New Murabba project, and will be an exceptional creative landmark, representing the largest built structure of its kind, as it will be a distinguished modern destination offering a range of commercial, cultural and tourism options, in addition to residential and hotel units, commercial spaces and entertainment facilities, which appear on top of the base. A charming spiral, its design was inspired by the Najdi architectural style, with the use of the latest technologies and creative three-dimensional images that will create a unique and unparalleled experience, making the cube one of the wonders of innovation and design. The new Murabba is one of the most important ambitious projects in the Public Investment Fund’s strategy, to redefine urban development in the Kingdom and create promising sectors.

محمد العامودي 2/6



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