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How To Get Scholarship In Saudi Arabia

If you do not know what majors you want to study after high school, or your majors does not exist in Saudi Arabia, you have the opportunity to obtain study scholarship and take a Bachelor or Master or even higher dgree . Where can you get your schilarship ? At the first you have more than one way to get your sholarship for examble you can take it from Aramco , Ministry of Culture , THE CUSTODIAN OF THE TWO HOLY MOSQUES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM and more. How to get your scholarship ? All of them have specific conditions and may differ from one region to another . What is the available majors ? There is a lot of majors that you can choose from them. Like Culinary Arts , Computer Science , Acting , Art , Cyber ​​Security and a lot elce. Waht should I do to get the scholarship ? You can registration from this links :

Taha Samir Kutbi 3/3



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