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Face 2 face vs Online Instruction

The difference in environment The face-to-face classroom can be a passive learning environment. The Online classroom is typically a more active learning environment. Students must work to acquire information. Course pace : F2F Class meetings occur at a specific time in a specific location according to a set schedule. When in class, the instructor typically sets the pace Online It is up to the student to set their own pace for much of the work that needs to be completed in an online course. Discussions : F2F The instructor often leads and controls the focus of the discussion to reach a conclusion in a limited amount of time. Since time is limited, responses typically must be formulated quickly. Online Students have more of an opportunity to develop well thought out, researched discussion responses. The students often carry the bulk of the discussion interaction with the instructor acting as a facilitator only interjecting when necessary. Group work : F2F Since students are physically located in the same place at the same time, a face-to-face course lends itself nicely to group work. Online Online courses also often include group work. Instructors have the ability to break their online students up into teams to collaboratively work on projects and interact using the discussion tool.

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