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Elite Education: A Guide to Ivy League Universities and Scholarship Opportunities

The Ivy League is an athletic conference comprising 8 elite private universities in the Northeastern U.S. - Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale. All offer outstanding academic programs across a range of disciplines and are consistently ranked among the best in the world for research and teaching. Examples of degree offerings include liberal arts, business, engineering, law, and medicine. Ivy League grads often pursue top careers and leadership positions. Each university provides need-based financial aid packages that do not require repayment. This allows students from all economic backgrounds to enroll. Some schools like Harvard also offer merit-based awards for academics/talents regardless of need: To apply for need-based aid, applicants submit the CSS Profile form and federal FAFSA disclosing family finances: Deadlines vary but most Ivies adhere to the common application process and dates available at: International students may be eligible for certain scholarships detailed by each university. Attending an Ivy League school offers a prestigious education at highly ranked research institutions with numerous scholarship opportunities and low-cost loans/grants.

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