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Computer Network

Computer networks are defined as the connection of a group of devices such as laptops, desktops, and advanced tablets with a group of Internet of Things devices such as cameras, refrigerators, and very few know the difference between a wired and wireless network, but we would like to point out that the wireless network is the latest and best.After the spread of the computer in every home, university, and institution, and it became important to create interconnections and relationships between these computers in order to be able to benefit from their information accurately and quickly, it was necessary to find the term “computer network,” which links the computers in one place .Wireless networks: It gives the possibility to exchange information and data between various devices without the need to use connections and wires, and this type of network can be implemented by remote control through systems for transmitting data and information by electromagnetic radio waves that play the role of downloading the signal of that information and implementing it in the physical network layers .This method depends on the radio wave connection between many networks, the wireless network or Wi-Fi, it is considered more used after the emergence of converted phones because it supports the idea of connecting cables,The wireless network also provides the feature of connecting devices to each other via Wi-Fi, and it is divided into two types, routed and unrouted, and each type has different functions.This type of huge network is formed in the world because it is becoming more and more popular every day than the day before it all over the world, this network sends a large amount of vast information in moments, and for this type of network is used in satellites, this network provides the possibility Sending huge information over long distances.It is characterized by low costs, easy installation and low costs, so its use is widely spread, in addition to its enjoyment, you can connect devices with each other, and it is divided into three types: (PAN), and you know that it is used for narrow personal spaces: devices connect to each other in companies, factories and institutions small. One person can access all parts of the network and link devices together.WLAN networks), a local network that is widely used in wireless communications. This network connects communications on a relatively remote level, such as the home and the neighborhood office, and its connection may reach several kilometers. This network depends on its use on frequencies 3.6, 2.4 and GHz,It also works according to different laws.MAN networks A network used in large areas. It connects a number of LAN networks together. Used in a relatively large place such as a university campus or a city, it offers services somewhat similar to ISP services, the benefit of which is high speed, connecting devices using it through certain programs, and it is smaller than the long-range network.Second, the wired network: The wired network is one of the networks that need to connect devices to each other to many wires and cables to complete the communication process. These wires may be copper or optical fibers. Users communicate with each other based on e-mail and scientific programs and applications are used.They are widely used in the field of work in offices and companies, as well as schools and universities. Most companies prefer to use them because they save money because buying their cables does not require high prices. It maintains the security reasons for companies through its fast connection to their networks. Its disadvantages are difficult to install in addition to the high price of wires to To a large extent, the devices may stop working if the wires break.

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