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AL Rajhi elite scholarship

Here are some key details about the Elite Scholarship program at Al Rajhi University: - The Elite Scholarship is a prestigious merit-based award that covers 100% of tuition fees. - It is open to both Saudi and international students entering their first year of bachelor's study. - To qualify, applicants must have achieved a minimum high school average of 95% (or equivalent for international curriculums). - The scholarship selection process is highly competitive, with priority given to students demonstrating exceptional academic credentials. - In addition to transcripts, applicants must provide evidence of accomplishments such as awards, certificates, extracurricular activities. - An interview with the Scholarship Committee is required to assess the applicant's leadership potential, communication skills, and critical thinking abilities. - Elite Scholarship recipients are given the title of "Elite Scholar" and provided with a dedicated support system including academic advising and career mentorship. - The Scholarship is renewable every year contingent upon maintaining a GPA of at least 3.8 out of 5.0 each term. - Benefits also include priority course registration, access to specialized training programs, and opportunities to participate in research projects. - A limited number of Elite Scholarships are awarded annually to honor top achieving students and support their development as future leaders. - It represents the most prestigious form of academic and merit-based support offered by Al Rajhi University. I hope this overview provides useful information about the key aspects and competitive nature of ARU's Elite Scholarship program.

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